Our dispatch professionals provide efficient flight routing, flight logs, flight plan submissions, weather briefings and flight tracking services. Our emphasis is on providing a quality service while adhering to the highest possible safety and quality standards. We are with you every step of the way, and provide a true integrated, 24/7 service.


United Flight Support work with local partner agents around the world to ensure Ground Support services are delivered to the highest quality and safety standards. 

We can arrange a host of services to support your trip such as:

  • Settlement of local airport charges
  • Aircraft cleaning
  • Catering
  • Aircraft specific towing services
  • Aircraft parking
  • Cargo handling
  • Dangerous goods handling and coordination
  • Fuel arrangements
  • Toilet servicing
  • Potable water services
  • Weather briefings


As we know from supporting our own internal fleet for our parent company, United Charter Services, fuel is perhaps one of the most expensive factors when contemplating the direct operating costs of an aircraft.

We are tasked daily with ensuring the best possible fuel prices are obtained from our quality fuel suppliers. Our experience as well as our immense buying power allows us to negotiate economically viable rates on your behalf, ensuring a cost effective solution to your fuel needs.

Fuel arrangements can be made 24/7 at United Flight Support and we can even advise on the best routing to make use of the most competitive fuel pricing!

Governmental Missions

Military flight support is complex by nature, often requiring short notice of operation; support at remote locations and of course, confidentiality.

Having knowledge of local regulatory and aviation environments is paramount to the success of any operation in this field, and we ensure that our dedicated teams are kept up to date with the latest information.

United Flight Support is a proud service partner to a number of militaries who depend on our reliability, integrity, confidentiality and high level of service delivery and commitment.

Trip Planning

Operations into and out of Africa require a dependable industry partner who has a working knowledge of each country’s unique permit structure.

United Flight Support Trip Planning services ensure that overflight clearances, landing permits, slots and prior permission required, are provided to you - the operator - in the shortest possible timeframe, working within the legal framework of the local Aviation Authority.

Our Trip Planning services are not limited to African operations, covering planning for endeavors to all continents and countries, worldwide.

Services include arrangement of;

  • Overflight clearances
  • Landing permits
  • Foreign Operator permits
  • Airport departure / arrival slots
  • Operations to airports/ airfields
  • with Prior Permission Required


United Flight Support extends its service by providing you with our Concierge facility. Having forged relationships with premium brands across the globe, our concierge team can guarantee you a luxurious and stress free travel experience around the clock. 

We can arrange the following for you;

  • Hotel bookings
  • Car rental
  • Airport transfers
  • Crew air tickets
  • Meet and assist services
  • Travel insurance
  • VIP transport

Air Charter

As United Flight Support is a division of United Charter Services, we can offer our Flight Support clients the added benefit of exceptionally competitive air charter rates. Should your aircraft be down for maintenance, or unsuitable for a specific part of your trip, we can arrange alternative options.

For more information please see, or contact us directly for a competitive air charter quotation.


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